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Dumping Someone: Dumper and Dumpee

No one wants to be broken up with, that’s an obvious fact.

However, it’s also excruciatingly clear that most people don’t know how to break up with someone. Breaking up in a mature, sensitive, final, and affective manner is a skill.

A skill most of us will have to utilize at some point to break up with someone or deal with suffering the rejection of being dumped.

Applying what I’m about to share will prove helpful.  Be prepared, breaking up comes with drama so don’t be a scared, move forward with aplomb and be direct. You will most likely be met with resistance or questioning and it’s YOUR job to handle it with grace and strength.  Same holds true if you’re the Dumpee.

Breaking up with Someone [You’re the Dumper]:

One Night Stand: In a situation where he or she “didn’t get the memo” that it is what it is:)

Step one:is to simply send a text or email and say you had fun and end it at that. If they keep pursuing you it’s best to ignore them and they should get the hint.

Step Two: If they’re persistent, and won’t leave you alone, it’s best to try and give them their dignity and soften the blow to their ego by saying: “I like you, we had fun,you’re a wonderful person but I will not kid myself and I’m not going to lie to you, this ends here.  I know myself, by now, and it’s not fair to me or you to try and fit a square peg in a round hole…so to speak.”  BTW- if their “peg” is square that’s reason enough to run. LOL

Short Relationship:

If you’ve been with this person close to or under three months it is best to call them {and follow up with a kind email if you think they’re great, just not for you} and explain that you don’t want to continue any longer. I’ll get to the right words to use in a moment.  (more…)


Honesty and Integrity

Debbie Ford on ‘honesty and integrity’

Oct 2010’s Emerging Theme: TRUTH

If there is a theme emerging within the month of October (especially the past fourty eight hours) around the planet, it is truth.

Truth in who we are as a soul person, truth in what we want, truth in where we want to be within our lives.

Even if the compass isn’t entirely clear on what it looks like, we know how we want to feel and it is like a stubborn weed needing to come out and flourish with all it’s mighty.

False structures are continuing to break down and the real truths are being shown.

People are needing to clean their souls and come free with what they have done with their actions that have caused harm on others and set the balance in their soul now.

The false structures that no longer serve humanity are the ones that are crumbling. It is us that choose to be free of those things that bind us from the true nature of our real whole beautiful selves. The truth about 9.11 is being revealed right before our very eyes as well if we watch it closely in the news. More clips to come on this shortly.

Warning! You are not losing your mind, you are having a spiritual awakening. If you are compelled to move to a new place and space, leave a job, leave people you have known for ages and start a new without a solid roadmap…it’s ok. Many of us are feeling the same way…it’s called a spiritual awakening. And yes, “on bended knee is no way to be free.” We may find we are needing to “pure our thoughts while we are alive.” Welcome to the ascension process. It is hitting our day to day reality now. It is up to us to listen to the feelings and sensations as our soul is speaking and action our soul’s intended truth.

Why? Why should we be doing this now? Well, as a wise man just reminded me of a few seconds ago (because I was being lazy to my truth)…”the balance of the planet is out of control. The good guys need to step in and up.” Female warriors and male warriors are needed now, it is why our soul’s are speaking so loudly. The females in their absolute balance and the males in their absolute balance. It’s not just about being comfortable and happy (although it certainly leads to it), it is about making the hard changes necessary and creating our new reality by living it as a guiding light for others to see the path illuminate.

When we live in our own light, the planet and the rest of the cosmos can come into alignment as well.

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Rejection Is A Good Thing

There are only two reasons by which something is rejected. It happens when something is not good enough for others, or it happens when something is too good for them.

It is the law of attraction that governs whether something is accepted or rejected.

For something to be accepted by another, it has to be in vibrational harmony with it. Otherwise it will be rejected. That which rejects you is rejected by you.

Conscious dissonance creates rejection. Therefore rejection is really a good thing when it happens.

It is conscious resonance that determines harmony or conflict. When two people have similar consciousness, that’s when they harmonize with each other. When they have opposing consciousness, there will be conflict in their interaction. Rejection helps you to discover who does not vibrate at the same frequency as you, and therefore it lets you know whom not to waste your energy and resources with. By following the way of the universe, you’ll act wisely and give yourself only to those who’re truly worthy.

Value has to be perceived and appreciated in order to be embraced. You may possess great value and precious resources, but if others do not see it, then they cannot access it. When they reject you, they do not receive the gift that you have to offer to them. In order for people to be ready and suitable to experience the value that you are, they must have the capacity to perceive it. You should not cast pearls before swine as it is an unwise way to handle precious wisdom. There must be a receiver for a giver.

Birds of the same feather flock together. Chickens and eagles do not mix as they exist at very different levels. If you want to be one, you have to reject and be rejected by the other. It is those that are unwilling to be rejected that cause themselves to remain where they are.

Losers vibrate at the same frequency and so do winners. The higher you go on your own path of self development, the more you will find yourself becoming not of the same frequency with others who are not with you and be rejected by them.  (more…)

Change and Find the Truth

From the “Dream within a Dream” episode, of the 1970’s TV series “Kung Fu”.

Here we see Master Kan and Young Caine discuss the Truth that can only be know through personal change.

The Danger of Truth

What happens when we learn the truth of something?

Perhaps we have been living under a false concept, and suddenly, through our own research or another’s, we learn the truth. Now we are faced with an entirely new set of circumstances – that might shock us to the core.

We tend to shun these kinds of revelations that disrupt our structured lives. Saints, sages and visionaries hint at truth but are historically shunned and discredited, simply because we are afraid of the truth; the truth is . . . a little too honest. If we should suddenly accept truth, our lives would dramatically change.

There is no doubt about this because when truth is revealed, it is no longer possible to live with the false, and sometimes, radical adjustments are called for.

Tremendous upheaval always results from a good dose of truth. Sweeping reform and change, sometimes quite violent, can affect our entire existence. Something as common as infidelity, when discovered, can often lead to violence. This is why truth is dangerous; it is dangerous because we make it so. We submerge ourselves so deeply in the false that there is no easy way out — and then we take our new truth as eternal, and become attached to it.

The problem we face is that truth is never constant; it’s a moving target. Just when we think that we understand the truth and tuck it away in our heads, the truth changes. How can truth change? It changes because truth can only occur in this very moment. As soon as we attempt to capture it, we imprison truth in our minds, and then truth is no longer truth, then truth becomes no more than a dead ideal, because the truth of the last moment, when captured by the mind, becomes the ideal of the next, and all ideals are dead just as all thought is dead. Truth has nothing to do with thought.

We point at it and say, “There is the truth!” but it is not the truth; it may have been the truth in the last moment, but it is not the truth now because now is the only place where truth can exist. Finding yourself immersed in a beautiful sunset, where all remnants of self disappear, is truth. Trying to capture that moment of truth revealed by that sunset, however; painting it, photographing it — this is never the truth you experienced in that one precious moment. And all the moments you spend attempting to capture that old truth steals the authentic truth from your next moments, as you become caught up in old concepts.

Truth flows beautifully every moment, but we can seldom keep up with it because we get sidetracked so easily. We get sidetracked because we are under the misapprehension that we can actually control truth.

Our theories, opinions, and beliefs are never of this moment. They are of the past, something we learned a long time ago and about which we have formed a view. This is not truth; this is concept. Truth is having the courage to be right here, in this moment, naked of all beliefs and conclusions and ready for whatever comes along, and willing to accept the changes that will be certain. This is the ultimate adventure.

When truth is revealed to us during those precious moments in time, when all of our security and ideals fade at the feet of an inexpressible truth, an indescribable freedom, we must be courageous enough to flow with that truth and not attempt to secure ourselves again, as we have so many times in the past, and which has ruined our freedom. Only when we allow our minds to move effortlessly, as fast as truth moves, not hesitating, not drawing conclusions, not capturing or controlling anything, will our minds finally know that incredible freedom of the sages. Then we can come face-to-face with truth, or God, or however we wish to describe that feeling of unrestricted beauty.

Everything else pales in comparison to this. Everything else is dark and dreary, subject to change and ruin. Only within the constant change of each moment is the constancy of eternity, and only the courageous dare enter that moment, because all contrived security, including the fabricated security of an individual self, is abandoned here, joyfully, because what is found in its place is what we have been searching for our entire lives – the end of our selves.

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