Who Fears You?

The people you fear are those with whom you have had challenging karmic lessons, lifetimes in which they caused you great pain or fought with you on every level. These interactions have left you scarred and afraid of them and of others like them.

This is your personal battle with the most dense and darkest energies and were part of the vast learning that you intended to accomplish so you could understand and transform polarity. Yet they created within you a deep fear of others’ power and caused you to hide your light so it could not be used against you. What you have yet to learn is that the fear you have of others is far less than their fear of you.

Those who hurt, challenge, betray and deny you are afraid of your light and who believe that if your light is allowed to shine it will reveal their imperfections and weaknesses.

And they are afraid that you will learn their secret, that they are powerless and full of fear and believe that love will destroy what little power they believe they have. So they use your fears to control you, to make you believe that they are more powerful.

At many points during your lifetimes together you gave them love and were willing to show them the path to their light and they responded by destroying you physically, spiritually or emotionally.

Now many of you have returned to face these energies and you feel that you are in battle for your life.

You feel powerless before them, weak in their presence and are afraid to fight even though you feel this is required if you are to recover your power. Do you see where you are re-living karmic challenges on a material level that actually exist on the spiritual realm?

Do not limit your understanding to what is happening on the material plane as these are greater challenges occurring on much higher levels and revolve around your willingness to allow your light to shine brightly with everyone. 

Stand firm in your light, be aware of your power and know that it is your light and presence that have caused others so much fear in other lifetimes. Your light, the love you know and hold in your hearts and the power that emanates from your divinity cannot be taken from you as it extends far beyond the physical limits of time and space and the only weakness you have is your fear.

When you know that you have nothing to fear and that your light cannot be dimmed, you have overcome the challenge you face in being the truth of who you are. Knowing that others fear you, far more than you fear them, gives you the courage to rise above any situation and to express your divinity and power as powerfully as the light within you shines.

Shared with Love

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Article Copyright ©2010 by Jennifer Hoffman | All rights reserved.


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