House of Mirrors and Diagnostics

Although everything in life is a reflection, we are, at a much more conscious level, interpreting what is being mirrored as something we wither want to maintain and continue, or more likely, something that’s our-dated and past due for inspection and repair.

We are being forced to look at all of our parts.

And by that, I mean our extensions into our world – our relationships, our living situations, our jobs, our ways of being towards ourselves as well as towards others.

And through this integration of the soul, we are learning how to discern what of it is a lesson, and what need be well enough left alone.

We have operated on monkey mind for a millennium, but going forth on monkey mind mentality is proving unattainable.  The volume has been turned up in order to experience on a much deeper level and an in-your-face fashion the order of the day.  We are abruptly feeling the effects of our relationships with ourselves as suddenly, more than ever, it becomes apparent that all things point back to that one center.

And as we grapple for old ways of solving, dated ways of combating the mind, and just plain start running scared, it is the running that’s coming into ever clearer focus.  The running of mental tapes topped high with impurities and poor resolution.  Then somehow we begin to take stock and realize that we need to stop running, that it is the running that needs to end.  Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally- on on levels- we are exausted.  And we are realizing how much of our precious time, energy and resources are being poured into the self-maintenance and continual feeding of a way of being that has gotten us nowhere for a very long time. 

By the grace of God, or moments of good fortune, we are grabbing onto conscious bubbles of awareness like never before, and are catching ourselves mid mental-tantrum and choosing differently.  We are remembering more in the moments of doubt or self-reproach that we are the Light, that we have tools, that we are not our thoughts, and that we can step off that track that has built up  so much momentum.  And as we do, the easier it becomes every time.

Our thoughts and emotions are vigorously reflecting what doesn’t match up with our truth.  And it feels like we’re falling into rabbit holes at times as the strength and intensity of the process ensues.  It’s important to remember that it all really is a dream, and that in your dream, nothing can hurt you unless you let it.

We give such authority to those voices in our heads that judge and condemn and we feed right into the banter, believing what is said and internalizing the repetitive, sometimes venomous critique forty times over.  Until we find that we simply can’t stomach it and we start pounding on the doors, walls, and windows in search of a way beyond the madness that we have created for ourselves to escape.

It’s a whole other world in our heads. It seems our mind is of it’s own dominion and that we are powerless in overcoming it’s forceful agenda.  It seems off kilter to do the dual on such a fearsome level, knowing we have stepped higher and higher into our spiritual domain.  But the powerful force we feel and the spell we’ve gone under is that of the wounded child within who’s screaming for justice.  We have held that child captive with our high-standard impossibilities and have drowned her in the despair of never being good enough or worthy of our love.  We have withheld our loving embrace as we’eve antagonized her further into becoming our version of what is enough, without ever opening to her, or listening to her, or accepting her totally, simply for who she is.

And so when our thoughts start reaming and to  the forefront comes regret, revisions, reproach, also comes the rage an the so-long-stuffed sadness of the child who can no longer hold it in.

And we don’t want it in there anyway.  It’s contaminant, it’s toxic, it’s in every way out of alignment with the truth of who we are and what we’re reaching for.  But to deny that it’s there is becoming impossible, as everything’s rising to the surface for review.  And if we stop long enough to center, we will begin to sense and see that this wounded child is in many ways our lighthouse, showing us the error of our ways so that we can usurp what’s been unattended and find a better way.

Allow your soul to light the way as you travel onward into the night and ever further into the glory of who you are.

Be Love!

Rhonda Simpson |

Copyright © 2010 Rhonda Simpson~ Conscious Co-Creating. Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this transmission on the condition that the content remains complete and in tact, full credit is given to the author, and that it is distributed freely.


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