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The Betrayal and The Blessing

Our paths crossed about eight years ago.

I had a crush on someone else at the time and you had just gotten back with your girlfriend. We had both recently been divorced and were exploring personal development.

We met on crew at an Anthony Robbins event.

During the course of that weekend, we became acquaintances and eventually friends later on.

We remained in contact over the years, returning to crew again a few more times. You came to my 30th birthday party and even insisted on catching up for dinner before I moved to Japan a year later. I spent most of dinner rambling on about my ex partner and our failed relationship, but it was nothing compared to the bittersweet ending that we went through.

A couple of years later, we reconnected on Facebook.

You had just separated from your girlfriend at the time and I had been single for about four years. The next few nights were spent online engaging in lyrical journeys, YouTube dedications and ‘tongue and cheek’ conversations till the early hours of the morning. For the next five months, we spent nearly every weekend together – until the night you had an indiscretion .. with a friend of yours.

Fast forward to this time last year – we were engaged. It was an impromptu proposal on your part, in your flatmate’s bathroom, one night after a shamanic journeying workshop with a shaman. At the time, I still didn’t know of your indiscretion. You had only mentioned half of the truth – that you had pashed some random girl in a night club.

Well … half a truth is a complete and whole lie.

It has now been over six months since we broke up and I am finally moving on – without you. Yes, Bono got it 50% right. You’re not the only one who has outright claim to being cheesy.

Let’s go back to that infamous night.  (more…)