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My Mistake With a Vampire

I wanted to share some information that has been pertinent for many of late during these shifting times.

Below is an update / discussion thread from Faceook by author, Oriah Mountain Dreamer. She has nearly 40,000 subscribers. You may be familiar with her books – The Invitation, The Dance, The Call. I came across them many years ago and her words really spoke to me. They were such beautiful invocations of the heart and soul.

Anyway, she shares a situation she went through recently. No doubt, many others also may find this helpful. I know I did.

Here it is below.

My Mistake With a Vampire

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

We all make mistakes. Let me tell you about one of mine.

Recently I went unconscious for a nanosecond and picked up the phone even though I knew it was a call from someone who I experience as draining my energy (no psychic ability involved on my part, just call display.) Energetically it’s a vampire-prey relationship (which I’ve been understanding more as I read Unholy Hungers: Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves & Others by Jungian analyst Barbara E. Holt.) I ended contact with this person a couple of months ago when I realized it was the only way I could not feel fed upon.  (more…)


Glamours of the Spiritual Path

Children of the Sun

As a collective, we are enduring a phase of spiritual transformation which can be referred to as “the great transfiguration”.

This is a process of initiation in which the human personality vehicle is preparing for eventual consummation by the flames of the Soul resulting in one, very radiant conscious light expressing.

We are continuing to endure the clearings of illusion and those which directly affect the human personality, comprised of the physical, emotional and mind faculties.

The speed, duration and intensity of this phase varies from person to person as in all experience.

There comes a moment, however, when one is finally ready to enter through these initiatory gates.

The foggy veil finally lifts, and, in clear view, the mesmoratic influences of life’s current illusions are deeply realized. This is often a most challenging time of quite humbling revelation. This is also a moment of tremendous rejoicing as it indicates the preparatory phases into an entirely new life of the human expression.

No matter how devoted, sincere or the number of years on the Path, most everyone has remaining personality aspects that are clothed in illusion, especially that of emotional glamour. Our current aim of development is to bring the desirous personality vehicle under complete control so that the Soul, (the intermediary aspect and place of union between the higher and lower aspects of divinity), may assume full Presence as both the inner and outer light expressing.  (more…)