Egotistical Melodramas

Excerpt from D.r. Butler’s Facebook page.

In Lesson 5 it is said: “An egotistical melodrama is an imaginary situation. It is created when the ego takes a situation personally and superimposes its own way of seeing things upon what is actually present. The ego makes up its own story about the situation and automatically assumes that its imaginary story is true–no matter how depressing, how limited, how painful, how imposing, how presumptuous, how agitating, or how damaging to another it might be.”

“This belief in the imaginary story triggers the corresponding negative emotions that make it a worthwhile drama for the ego to indulge in.”

If we work on the egotistical melodramas that cause others and ourselves unnecessary pain and conflict, those melodramas that are free from negative emotions will prove to be fairly harmless.

The negative emotions–blame, defensiveness, anger, agitation, irritation, hatred, resentment, jealousy, envy–are what cause most of the suffering in our life. Without them we would be relatively free, and life would seem flowing and harmonious with very little effort.

Ultimately we have to be free from all negative emotions. Not that they won’t exist–we’ll still have anger arise, or a pang of jealousy, or a bout of agitation, or a tendency to blame–yet they will no longer take us over and express through us, sending out negative vibrations into the ethers to affect others.

The egotistical melodramas we have to work with in personal development, or spiritual work (sadhana), are those that involve negative emotions, because these are the things that not only cause us to forget the Truth of the present moment, but bring out our very worst features for everyone else to have to see and deal with.

The best we can offer others are our positive emotions–compassion, cheerfulness, love, lightheartedness, appreciation, and joy. All this is explored in depth in the lessons of the Course of Training.

SOURCE: D.r Butler |


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