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Personal Reflections on 2013

So, here we are.

Another year about to end… and what a relief, ’cause it’s been a damn delirious doozy!

Is it even possible to distill a year’s experience in a page or two? Many of us out there went through the mac daddy wringer of all cosmic washing cycles. Like groundhog day, it seemed as if the cosmic dial was stuck on repeat. Just when you thought it was the final FINAL rinse, the dial went back to the start position for another spin… for the zillionth time. Being dumped by freaky tsunami waves and clawing my way out of the quagmire of my psyche’s quicksand happened more times than I cared to count.

Some of you know what I mean.

The paradigm shift that is upon us has nestled itself into the bosom of our cosmic heart and brought with it a chaotic cacophony of sometimes comical proportions, as much as it has epic catharsis, epiphanies and rebirth. My own personal journey reflected a fluctuating *shift*storm, but somehow managed to bestow some genuine surprises upon me from the universe. Who knew she could be a cosmic fairy godmother in drag disguise?

This was probably one of the most intense years this decade for me. I know I wasn’t the only one.

A part of me found myself oscillating between self-censorship and brazen transparency – conscious of the stories I put on my own experiences and as much as I don’t want to be dictated by ‘negative’ experiences, I do want to honour and acknowledge the journey that brought me ‘here and now’ without judging it. Many tell us to ‘drop our (old) story’ – in favour of telling a new, more empowering one and I agree to a point. Being a Jungian ‘therapist of the psyche’, I’m not one to indulge in spiritual bypassing and I have no qualms about dancing with my shadow and embracing nuggets of gold that seek illumination, integration and compassion. Being somewhat of a shadow whisperer, I’m no stranger to its presence – as watcher and sentinel during the last decade or so.  (more…)