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Straddling Boundaries of Blame and Bliss

Artist: Mark Henson

I’ve been noticing that as people begin standing in their truths and speaking their minds more and more, there is often a subtle (but sometimes blatant) energy that comes from having such strong opinions, which in turns triggers those who hold an opposing or different viewpoint. Sometimes, I find myself debating whether or not to comment – for or against either side. After all, it is just their opinion and we’re all entitled to have one. Right now, I’m witnessing a lot of division between those embracing their newfound expressions of multi-dimensionality and those still entrenched in older paradigm… I know the majority of us are doing our best to straddle the boundaries of both.

Lately, there seems to be a big divide between those shifting into a new reality, doing a lot of the inner work along the way – mining the dross of old traumas and wounds for gems and doing their shadow work.. step into a new place of being. Then there are others who command kudos because of their pseudo-intellectual gift of the gab who don’t seem to be able to get out of their left brain transit lanes long enough to envision other possibilities and realities outside of their elitist view points. People seem to have picked up one end of the stick and painted the other opposing opinion or group with one gigantic broad brush stroke. Judgment or discerning observation – you choose.

Why are we still making generalisations about each other when we all have something to learn, share and offer each other? The other day I read a comment by someone (a positive yahoo type) who’s response to another friend expressing his depth of a painful breakup was that “it was boring to read”. Really? Seriously. Just because you’ve found your way out of your own dark cesspool and never want to enter the dark night of your soul again doesn’t mean you should trivialise another person going their process. Sure, nobody wants to see anyone wallow in depression and self-pity for all eternity, but FFS… let’s try not to be such spiritually enlightened elitist divas about it. Have compassion and dignity for another’s experience and hold some genuine heart-space for them. (more…)