Artist: Harsha Ravi

Artist: Harsha Ravi

An eccentric introvert at heart, who has a secret passion for discovering random quirks in all things, people and experiences.  I am also known to moonlight as a bohemian gypsy and dark goddess during full moons and weird planetary transits and follows serendipity’s heart beat, embracing all kooky synchronicities that present themselves at the most sublime and often strangest of moments. A post-Jungian therapist but resonate more with being a cosmonaut of the heart and a psychonaut of the soul.


“I never said it would be easy…

I only said it would be the Truth.”

~ Morpheus


I am consumed by truth .. driven relentless by it’s fleeting and often subjective nature. It has always been somewhat of a moralistic voice in my conscience, ever since I was a young girl.

(As for the ‘vixen’ part, let’s just say it has something to do with broomsticks and full moons .. ) Back to the truth!

My first liaison with truth was in kindergarten. I wasn’t fully aware of it back then – but for a 5 year old, I seemed to have a deeply innate sense of ‘right and wrong’. My kindergarten teacher found her lipstick missing from her handbag one day. That afternoon after school, I was playing with my friend at her place when she pulled out a shiny red lipstick and told me not to tell anyone .. but it was the missing lipstick that belonged to my teacher.

That very next day, I told my teacher where her lipstick had gone and who had taken it.  So you’re probably thinking what a goody two shoes I was for dobbing my friend in – but honestly, I just thought it was plain wrong. Of course, my friend got into trouble and as it so happened, so did I… by her mother, telling me what a bad friend I was. Hang on, how the heck was that right? In some way, I guess it must have inadvertently taught me from a young age that telling the truth had its merits .. but it also had its fair share of downfalls too.

Another epic tustle with the truth came from one of my relationships – the karmic soul mate kind … which I won’t go into here, but the short version is that there was a betrayal of trust. An indiscretion became a point of contention in rebuilding the trust within our relationship. Despite our genuine attempts to make things work, he said that my brutal honesty was just too confronting.

There were repercussions for consciously choosing to withhold ‘truths’ and repercussions for when the harsh truth came out. Ahhh .. the double edged sword of Truth and Honesty! During my short-lived marriage, I was also accused of being too straight-laced and honest by my ex husband, who used to call me Miss Straighty 180 (I thought I wore the pants in that relationship). I’m no saint – and of course, I’ve also told my share of little white lies in the past.

I  wrote this above section back in 2010.

In these shifting times, I’m a complete advocate for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Having witnessed the pain and anguish that comes from not honouring a path of honesty and transparency in personal relationships and business connections, I’ve seen many wrestle with their shadow and deviant manipulations.

There is a radical shift of consciousness happening on the planet – the old paradigms are crumbling and will no longer serve the interests of humanity and her evolution. Warriors of the heart are stepping in to embrace the sanctity and virtues of truth, love, compassion, honesty and integrity… once again. Unity heart-based consciousness will prevail above all else.

Love and Guts,

V xxx



3 responses

  1. i found this song to be a great solice:

    April 3, 2012 at 4:40 am

  2. Hi Vina,

    You have a really cool space here on the internet; I resonated to several things on your site. If you’ve done any living at all, you have betrayed and have been betrayed. It’s what you do with that experience that defines us.

    I had a spiritually transformative event in 2005 and have been rewriting my narrative ever since. I no longer am a corporate parasite with a fat wallet. I am a metaphysical explorer scratching out an existence – albeit a happy one.

    If you are curious, have a look at and see if you fit that group. There are several people who might be sources for your book. I just self published as well – I think we’re climbing the same mountain from different paths.

    Although I am personally trying to find my footing by referring to the Bushido philosophy of ancient Japan, I find your approach and your “voice” refreshing. Count me as a follower. :)
    If you do happen to tour my site or find me on ACISTE, and like my “voice”, drop me a note and I’ll share one of my stories. I have been working out betrayal issues for several lifetimes.

    I wish you continued Success!

    John / Sarasota / USA

    April 29, 2012 at 6:07 pm

  3. Hi Vina! It’s a pleasure for me to be the first to “like” the above blogpost (according to the W-Press message). I found you when I searched for “Embracing Our Selves” by Hall and Sidra Stone. Another body of work by psychologists you might like concerns the human tendency to turn off our dorsolateral frontal cortex (the part of our brains that processes info logically without emotions or bias) when confronted with thoughts or facts that challenge our existing beliefs, convenience, ambitions, or psychological status quo. The work is by Drew Westen, Ph.D., of Emory U. I’ll include a link to it as referenced by the Scientific American.

    June 17, 2013 at 11:48 pm

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