Egotistical Melodramas

Excerpt from D.r. Butler’s Facebook page.

In Lesson 5 it is said: “An egotistical melodrama is an imaginary situation. It is created when the ego takes a situation personally and superimposes its own way of seeing things upon what is actually present. The ego makes up its own story about the situation and automatically assumes that its imaginary story is true–no matter how depressing, how limited, how painful, how imposing, how presumptuous, how agitating, or how damaging to another it might be.”

“This belief in the imaginary story triggers the corresponding negative emotions that make it a worthwhile drama for the ego to indulge in.”

If we work on the egotistical melodramas that cause others and ourselves unnecessary pain and conflict, those melodramas that are free from negative emotions will prove to be fairly harmless.

The negative emotions–blame, defensiveness, anger, agitation, irritation, hatred, resentment, jealousy, envy–are what cause most of the suffering in our life. Without them we would be relatively free, and life would seem flowing and harmonious with very little effort.

Ultimately we have to be free from all negative emotions. Not that they won’t exist–we’ll still have anger arise, or a pang of jealousy, or a bout of agitation, or a tendency to blame–yet they will no longer take us over and express through us, sending out negative vibrations into the ethers to affect others.

The egotistical melodramas we have to work with in personal development, or spiritual work (sadhana), are those that involve negative emotions, because these are the things that not only cause us to forget the Truth of the present moment, but bring out our very worst features for everyone else to have to see and deal with.

The best we can offer others are our positive emotions–compassion, cheerfulness, love, lightheartedness, appreciation, and joy. All this is explored in depth in the lessons of the Course of Training.

SOURCE: D.r Butler |


My Mistake With a Vampire

I wanted to share some information that has been pertinent for many of late during these shifting times.

Below is an update / discussion thread from Faceook by author, Oriah Mountain Dreamer. She has nearly 40,000 subscribers. You may be familiar with her books – The Invitation, The Dance, The Call. I came across them many years ago and her words really spoke to me. They were such beautiful invocations of the heart and soul.

Anyway, she shares a situation she went through recently. No doubt, many others also may find this helpful. I know I did.

Here it is below.

My Mistake With a Vampire

by Oriah Mountain Dreamer

We all make mistakes. Let me tell you about one of mine.

Recently I went unconscious for a nanosecond and picked up the phone even though I knew it was a call from someone who I experience as draining my energy (no psychic ability involved on my part, just call display.) Energetically it’s a vampire-prey relationship (which I’ve been understanding more as I read Unholy Hungers: Encountering the Psychic Vampire in Ourselves & Others by Jungian analyst Barbara E. Holt.) I ended contact with this person a couple of months ago when I realized it was the only way I could not feel fed upon.  Read the rest of this page »

Glamours of the Spiritual Path

Children of the Sun

As a collective, we are enduring a phase of spiritual transformation which can be referred to as “the great transfiguration”.

This is a process of initiation in which the human personality vehicle is preparing for eventual consummation by the flames of the Soul resulting in one, very radiant conscious light expressing.

We are continuing to endure the clearings of illusion and those which directly affect the human personality, comprised of the physical, emotional and mind faculties.

The speed, duration and intensity of this phase varies from person to person as in all experience.

There comes a moment, however, when one is finally ready to enter through these initiatory gates.

The foggy veil finally lifts, and, in clear view, the mesmoratic influences of life’s current illusions are deeply realized. This is often a most challenging time of quite humbling revelation. This is also a moment of tremendous rejoicing as it indicates the preparatory phases into an entirely new life of the human expression.

No matter how devoted, sincere or the number of years on the Path, most everyone has remaining personality aspects that are clothed in illusion, especially that of emotional glamour. Our current aim of development is to bring the desirous personality vehicle under complete control so that the Soul, (the intermediary aspect and place of union between the higher and lower aspects of divinity), may assume full Presence as both the inner and outer light expressing.  Read the rest of this page »

The Awakening Man: A Portrait of Possibility For Humankind


The awakening man is conscious, heartfully defined.

Through his eyes, being conscious is not a cerebral construct, nor an intellectual exercise bereft of feeling.

It is a felt experience, an ever-expanding awareness that moves from the heart outward.

It is feeling God, not thinking God.

The new man is always in process, awakening through a deepening interface with the world of feeling. He continues to strive for a more heartfelt and inclusive awareness. The awakening man has shifted his focus from a localized and ethnocentric perspective to a world-centric framework of perception.

His community is humanity. Rooted in the relational, his sense of responsibility extends well beyond his localized self and community. Where possible, his choice-making is fuelled by an expansive vision of possibility for all of humankind. Not every man for himself, but every man for humanity.

The awakening man has reverence for the divine feminine, in all her forms. He celebrates the wonder that is woman. He is respectful, honouring and gracious. He is saddened by the horrors perpetuated against women by the malevolent masculine. He holds his brothers accountable. He makes amends for his own misdeeds. He co-creates a world where all women will feel safe to move about freely, to find their voice, to actualize their inherent magnificence. He welcomes a world where women and men stand as equal partners. Humankind.

The awakening man is not externally derived. He is authentically sourced. He does not compare himself to others. He does not adapt his personality to the dictates of the crowd. He stands in his own centre, respectful of others but not defined by them. He works diligently to liberate his consciousness from the egoic ties that bind. He has become his own benchmark, valuing authenticity over image. He is the sculptor of his own reality.

The awakening man courageously works on his emotional processes. He clears his emotional debris and sheds his armour. He faces his issues and unconscious patterns heart on. He calls himself on his self-avoidant tendencies and honours the wisdom at the heart of his pain. He communicates his feelings in a way that is respectful to others. He learns and speaks the language of the heart.  Read the rest of this page »

The Betrayal and The Blessing

Our paths crossed about eight years ago.

I had a crush on someone else at the time and you had just gotten back with your girlfriend. We had both recently been divorced and were exploring personal development.

We met on crew at an Anthony Robbins event.

During the course of that weekend, we became acquaintances and eventually friends later on.

We remained in contact over the years, returning to crew again a few more times. You came to my 30th birthday party and even insisted on catching up for dinner before I moved to Japan a year later. I spent most of dinner rambling on about my ex partner and our failed relationship, but it was nothing compared to the bittersweet ending that we went through.

A couple of years later, we reconnected on Facebook.

You had just separated from your girlfriend at the time and I had been single for about four years. The next few nights were spent online engaging in lyrical journeys, YouTube dedications and ‘tongue and cheek’ conversations till the early hours of the morning. For the next five months, we spent nearly every weekend together – until the night you had an indiscretion .. with a friend of yours.

Fast forward to this time last year – we were engaged. It was an impromptu proposal on your part, in your flatmate’s bathroom, one night after a shamanic journeying workshop with a shaman. At the time, I still didn’t know of your indiscretion. You had only mentioned half of the truth – that you had pashed some random girl in a night club.

Well … half a truth is a complete and whole lie.

It has now been over six months since we broke up and I am finally moving on – without you. Yes, Bono got it 50% right. You’re not the only one who has outright claim to being cheesy.

Let’s go back to that infamous night.  Read the rest of this page »

Relationships As Spiritual Practice

As the egoic mode of consciousness and all the social, political, and economic structures that it created enter the final stage of collapse, the relationship between man and women reflect the deep state of crisis in which humanity now finds itself.

As humans have become increasingly identified with their mind, most relationships are not rooted in Being and so turn into a source of pain and become dominated by problems and conflict. Many live alone or are single parents, unable to establish an intimate relationship or unwilling to repeat the insane drama of past relationships.

Others go from one relationship to another, from one pleasure-and-pain cycle to another, in search of the elusive goal of fulfillment through union with the appositive energy polarity.

Still others compromise and continue to be together in a dysfunctional relationship in which negativity prevails, for the sake of the children or security, through force of habit, fear of being alone, or some mutually “beneficial” arrangement, or even through the unconscious addiction to the excitement of emotional drama and pain.

However, every crisis represents not only danger but also opportunity. If relationships energize and magnify egoic mind patterns and activate the pain-body, as they at this time, why not accept this fact rather than to try to escape from it? Why not cooperate with it instead avoiding relationships or continuing to pursue the phantom of an ideal partner as an answer to your problems or a means of feeling fulfilled?

The opportunity that is concealed within every crisis does not manifest until all the facts of any given situation are acknowledged and fully accepted. As long you deny them, as long as you try to escape from them or wish that things were different, the window of opportunity does not open up, and you remain trapped inside that situation, which will remain the same or deteriorate further. With the acknowledgment and acceptance of the facts also comes a degree of freedom from them.  Read the rest of this page »

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